10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Trader Joe’s

Who says grocery stores are boring? Trader Joe’s is makes shopping for food an exciting adventure. We are here to bring you 10 fun facts you didn’t know about Trader Joe.

Tip #4 will save you money when you shop

1. Trader Joe was a real person
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
Joe Coulombe started the company in 1967.
2. The store “overstaffs” on purpose
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
They want customers to never wait. Extra staffs are always ready to help.
3. The worst time to shop is Sunday afternoon
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
Many stores get a large rush of customers after church. Trying going early that morning, or choose a different day.
4. Don’t shop hungry!
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
Many people spend too much money if they go shopping with an empty belly.
5. Organic food can be delicious
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
Trader Joe’s uses a lot of natural ingredients in their products, but everything is still tasty.
6. You can sample anything, free!
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
Seriously? Yes! Take any product and the sample counter will open and let you try for free. Be adventurous.
7. No sales! Or always sales?
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer special sales or discounts, because the products are always at a great price.
8. Games for Kids to Play
Trader Joe‘s fun facts
There is a stuffed animal hidden in every store for kids to search for. How fun!
9. The Fearless Flyer
The stores make it easy to make a shopping list with a fun flyer you can print.
10. You should try new foods!
You might find something you will really enjoy

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