4 Facts You Definitely Don’t Know About Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday remains an unofficial holiday connected to Black Friday, but with a more online focus. Let’s learn more about it.

It isn’t always in the same month

It isn't always in the same month

It is usually in November, but this year it happens on December 2nd! The holiday must always be exactly four days after Thanksgiving, so about 2 in every 7 years happens in December

The deals are often better than Black Friday


It’s no secret that retailers get a huge surge in business on Black Friday, due in part to some great deals. However, some of the really savvy shoppers wait further to buy, and companies may lower their prices even further to try and catch those customers.

TVs have the largest price drops

What to buy when? This is a tough question to answer. Sometimes you can save a lot of money by waiting, sometimes you only save a penny, and sometimes you end up paying more during shopping holidays! However, TVs consistently is something that drops in price significantly, so they are one good that you know waiting for will usually be a good idea.

Most people shop on their phone

Since 2017, a majority of online shoppers have used mobile devices instead of laptops to do their holiday shopping, which has surpassed in-store shopping, even on Black Friday! So don’t let those news clips of crazy crowds at the stores fool you, staying warm and cozy and home and shopping in your pajamas is the hot trend.

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