4 Hilarious Memes from Foreign Languages

Mekmende (Kenya)


Mekmende is the ultimate badass, the most powerful form that something can be. An example of the theme would be “After an album goes platinum, it goes Mekmende”.

It is a transliteration of “Make my day“, and originates from the famous line in the 1983 movie, Sudden Impact. While the meme has existed for a long time, only in 2010 was it featured in a song by the Kenyan music group Just a Band, giving it the commonly used image now seen. This image shows Mekmende, and now it commonly used jokingly or sarcastically. 

Hello Bear (Russia)


The Russian words “Preved Medved” would translate to “Hello Bear”, though the phrase is spelled wrong on purpose, similar to Doggo or Lolcat in English. It comes from a strange, hard to explain the painting, originally from the USA, portraying a bear shocked to find a couple being intimate in the woods. The meme has risen to great popularity in Russia, as a way to show surprise, or just to make an image look absurd and funny.

Bielefield doesn’t exist (Germany)

Bielefield is a relatively normal small city in Germany, or is it? Some will tell you it doesn’t exist. This appears to have begun as a way to mock conspiracy theorists, using three questions:

Have you met anybody from Bielefeld?
Have you ever been to Bielefeld?
Did you meet anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld?

Many people would answer no to all the questions, thus providing evidence that the city does not exist. The local city council evidently became concerned about this joke, so published a rebuttal, however it was released on April Fool’s Day, only adding fuel to the meme’s fire. The meme has continued for more than 20 years, and in 2010 a student film was made about it.

San Lian (China)

China’s memes tend to feature language quite heavily, and rarely are just pictures. A common example is “San Lian” meaning “three stages“. It shows three stages of something, along with a picture that increases in size. As the picture gets bigger, the phrase is more genuine or authentic. It can also be reversed, showing smaller pictures with less and less honesty. The picture is most commonly a man’s faced combined with a Panda, though sometimes other figures, such as Chinese philosophers are used as well.

The picture described feeling awkward when socializing. At first, the man thinks “What did he say?”, then “I didn’t understand”, and finally “just smile!”

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