6 Great Secret Christmas Movies You Need To Watch

There are a billion Christmas movies out there. So many are the same boring, tired, old plot, about Santa Claus, snow, or a family Christmas party. How about some movies that are about Christmas, but about other things as well? Let’s take a look at the best Christmas movies, that were more than a Christmas movie.

Gremlins, 1984

source: indiewire.com

An adorable comedy-horror film, this is the oldest movie on our list, but definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen it before. The setting is constantly Christmas themed, but generally the movie is about the adorable Gremlin, his adopted family, and the hijinks caused by disobeying the rules.

Die Hard, 1988


The 80’s are famous for action movies with bad one-liners, police departments arguing over who has authority, and foreign villains. Die Hard bring all this and more as Bruce Willis battles his way to the top of an office building on Christmas Eve.

Batman Returns, 1992


If you haven’t seen the older Batman movies, I don’t blame you, they can be cheesy. This one follows the caped crusader on December, with Gotham all decked out for Christmas.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005


A more serious, R-rated film featuring Robert Downey Junior, this mystery is set during Christmas, but generally doesn’t involve the season that much.

Just Friends, 2005


With a great cast and excellent humor all around, this romantic comedy is no chic flic. The story is quite relatable to anyone who experiences holiday awkwardness. Plus Ryan Reynolds looks hilarious in a fat suit.

Iron Man 3, 2013


While the plot stays similar to most other superhero films, you get to watch Iron Man hide in a town prepared for the most wonderful time of the year. Another RDJ film, this one plenty of good action and makes a few good twists on your typical Marvel film.

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