7 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Emojis

#1 Do you know how much people love emojis? 

Let’s find out! 😉

According to the recent study by Privilege Insurance, 80% of all people use emojis in communication. As long as humans are still texting or tweeting, emoji will be here to stay. 😯

#2 When was the first personal emoji ever created?

The first personal emoji was designed by a Japanese designer Shigetaka Kurita in 1999. 😳

But they weren’t fully embraced by masses until 2012, thanks to the release of Apple iOS 6. That’s why Apple is credited for Emoji’s popularity. 😜

#3 Do you want to know how many people around the world are tweeting out emoji?

There is a tool called Emoji Tracker to find out, in real time. How amazing is that. 😏

#4 How many emojis are there in total?

There are 3,019 personal emojis in the Unicode Standard in total as of March 2019. 🤠

#5 What’s the most popular emoji in the world?

As of October 2019, the top three emoji are: 😂Face With Tears of Joy, ❤️Red Heart and 😍Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes.

#6 When is World Emoji Day?

July 17. It is an unofficial holiday created in 2014 by the founder of Emojipedia. 🤖

#7 What new emojis are being created today?

There are so many personal stickers and emojis coming out. People start turning their selfies into personal emojis. The Emoji Me Animated Faces app, Zmoji Keyboard app and other similar apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Using personal stickers is an interesting way to communicate with friends. 👫

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