8 Best Things to Do in New York City

Spring is in the air in the city that never sleeps. Maybe you’re a long-time resident, or just visiting. Native or tourist, it’s great to be in the big apple. Everyone knows that New York City is just breath-taking. But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out things to do. New York City fun things to do. You’ve probably searched that exact phrase. There’s just so much variety! If you’re paralyzed by choice, have no fear. We’re here to help. New York City, fun things to do. Read on for 8 awesome things to do in NYC.

1. Broadway Show

What screams New York more than theater? Pizza maybe. But for an activity that’s easier on the waistline, check out a Broadway show. Ranking highly on many lists, it’s a great way to get culture in your life. Without putting yourself to sleep.

New York City Broadway Show

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Speaking of culture, what better place to pick some up than at a museum? One of the most famous museums in the world and the largest art gallery in the US of A. You can see everything from Cuneiform tablets, to Rembrandts. Make sure to set aside a whole day. Not that you’ll be able to see everything.

3. Grab a Drink and Break a Glass

After a long day of high-culture, sometimes you need to blow off some steam. Why not relax with a nice drink? Then. Throw it on the ground.  Wind down with a nightcap, and get in touch with your wild side. At the same time!  Check out Break Bar NYC. The concept bar we’ve all be waiting for.

New York City Bar

4. Central Park

Make like a real New Yorker. No, don’t curse at tourists. I mean take time out to relax in one of the most famous parks ever. Check out the urban green space, and take a break from tramping around the city. No visit to NYC is complete without it.

New York City Central Park

5. Bachelor Live

Just cause you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on your favorite shows. Can you stand the drama? Watching grown adults act like damn children over a boy. What could be better? Check out which local will be the new object of desire.

New York City Bachelor Live

6. Explore the Landmarks

NYC is home to some of the most famous American architecture and landmarks. You can say hello to the Lady Liberty, and also pay your respects at the 911 Memorial. It pays to book ahead. So you’ll need a bit of planning for this one.

 New York City Lady Liberty

7. Wonder Wheel

Don’t forget to have some fun. Check out the Ferris wheel that’s been around since 1920. Certainly the most famous image of Coney Island. No trip would be complete without checking it with you. Get an awesome birds-eye view of NYC. Not to mention awesome pics.

New York City Coney Island

8. Make a Bomb-Ass Photo Album

Don’t forget to take some awesome photos while you’re there. And be sure to have a good photo editor. You don’t have to obsess over the perfect shot if your tools are good. And your friends and fam will sure appreciate it. Plus, you can totally create cartoon avatar and personal emoji from all the awesome photos you’ve been taking.

But the best advice we can give is to be sure to keep safe, and to plan ahead. Enjoy your travels, and enjoy the memories you make along the way. Most of all, enjoy getting into an Empire State of Mind.

New York City View

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