Birthday Game and Emojis for Celebrations

Spring has just about sprung, and, recent events aside, it’s time for a break. Birthdays, weddings, and more! so much to celebrate. To help you celebrate all the people in your life, we’ve got an emoji cheat sheet for you, some suggestions, and even a little game! Enjoy this Birthday game and emojis.

1. Birthday Game!

What better way to party than to start off with a little birthday fun? We’ve made a little game for you, with a little outside help. Check out these Awesome Birthday Combinations. Can you match the combination to the phrase?

Highlight text after the emoji to see Answer

🎂🎁🎊 Happy Birthday!

🎊🎁🎈💃🕺 Birthday Party

🧓☝️😂 One year older (woman)

🎁🎀🎮 Birthday presents

👴☝️😂 One year older (man)

2. Cheat Sheet

Check out this handy emoji cheat sheet you can copy emoji from. Split into helpful categories, so you always know what to send. Stop being left out of the loop when it comes to what emoji to send 😅.

Party Emojis

🥳Partying Face 🎈Balloon 🎊Confetti ball 🎉Party popper 🙌Raising hands ✨Sparkles

Gift Emoji

🎮Video game 💰Money bag 🧸Teddy Bear 🛍Shopping bags 🎁Wrapped present💐Bouquet

Food and Drink

🍰 Shortcake 🎂Birthday cake 🍻Clinking beer mugs 🥂Clinking glasses 🍾Bottle 💝Heart with ribbon

Dressing Up

👸Princess 🤴Prince 👗Dress 👑Crown 🎀Ribbon

Love and Kisses

💋Kiss mark ❤️Red heart 🧡Orange Heart 💛Yellow heart 💚Green heart 💙Blue heart 💜Purple heart 🤍White Heart 🤎Brown Heart

❣️Heart exclamation mark ornament 💕Two hearts 💞Revolving hearts 💓Beating heart 💗Growing heart 💖Sparkling heart
💘Heart with arrow 💝Heart with ribbon

3. Personalize

Birthday Game and Emojis

It can be hard to remember birthdays. It can be even harder to make sure people understand how much they mean to you. A text message isn’t always enough. Why not put in a little extra effort to make sure you’re sending the exact message you want. Invest some time into making personal emoji. With the right tool for the job, you can create the perfect birthday wishes. You can turn a photo to avatar, or even create avatar from photo. Make it personal, so even a simple emoji can say more. But whatever you do, make sure you show how much you care. Hope you enjoy these Birthday Game and Emojis.

Check out our blog for how to create an avatar from a photo and how to create personal emojis.

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