Emoji vs Emoticon, What’s the Differences? ヽ(^o^)丿🤔

Emojis are something all know and love. The crying face Emoji was Oxford’s word of the year in 2015. But what on Earth is an emoticon?

An emoticon is a combination of two symbols to express an emotion. Common examples would be 🙂 and ;). Emoticons need not be only 2 characters, but some advanced emoticons can have dozens.

What is an emoticon and why would you use them? 🧐

Emoticons are example of the psychological idea of pareidolia, the tendency to find human faces in the world.

It’s why this clothing dryer makes you think of a face.

People often would feel that the faces created in an emoticon would express their actual feelings better than words ever could.

Is an emoticon the same as an emoji? 🤔

Emoticons are in some ways the parents of emojis. Overtime, emoticons slowly evolved into memes. Some chat sites started automatically replacing the characters with colored pictures, sometimes to the unhappiness of users.

When Facebook initially introduced this auto-changing, some users were upset at certain emoji results. They felt that the new smiley face conveyed a different emotion than a 🙂 does.

Emoticons are not extinct, but they are far less common these days. Most have been replaced by emojis in most media. However, some do continue to exist, as they are hard to replicate with a single picture. A great example would be person shrugging  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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