6 Ideas for Great Social Media Profile Pictures

It can be hard to know how to structure your social media profiles. Plus, you’re busy, you’ve got a lot going on and isn’t it all a bit vain anyway? But here’s the thing, social media is here to stay, and it’s become a big part of how we express ourselves and meet people. If you’ve got a bad profile, you’re really shooting yourself in the foot. No matter if you’re a newbie to caring about your online presence, or if you’re just looking to get some ideas, we’re here to help. Read on for 6 ideas to improve your social media profile. 

1. Cartoon Avatar 

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Don’t hide your face. It’s probably one of the first rules you’ll find if you search around. But, look, a lot of people aren’t comfortable just blasting their face across the whole internet. Yet, you still want people to know what you look like. After all, your profile is supposed to represent you, not some random nature scenery. That’s why an Avatar is a great compromise. Show how you look without putting your face out there for just anyone. 

2. Use the Same Profile Picture 

On social media, you are the brand. You probably have (or will have) multiple profiles across different platforms. Unless you’re an internet ancient, getting the same name for all those profiles is a near impossibility. Use the slick Cartoon Avatar above to unite your different profiles. Think of it like a name card that lets everyone know they’ve got the right person. 

3. Background 

When it comes to pictures of yourself you do post, one thing people tend to forget is the background. You want to show yourself in interesting situations, doing interesting things. Beautiful scenery, cool city backdrops, these are your friends here. Look, you may think you look good in that suit, but don’t be the guy who posts a bathroom selfie. Please.  

4. Friends and Family 

The same way you want to show yourself doing interesting things, you want to show that, at least every once and awhile, you crawl out of bed to socialize. Including pictures of you with your friends and family is a great way of showing that you’re someone who cares about others, and your social media is not some vanity project.  

5. Easy on the Filters 

Look, filters might seem cool. And they do make some pictures look better. But for the most part you should chill. You want people to see what you, your life actually looks like. Not some weird photoshopped fantasy. This especially true for selfies. If you want to show a cute stylized version of you, just use an Avatar. But selfies you should actually look like, well yourself.  

6. Lighting is Key 

So, speaking of selfies, a lot of people avoid these because they think they’re ugly. There’s good news and bad news. The good news: you’re not ugly. The bad news: you’re bad at photography. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to fix this.  Good lighting can enhance your looks. Bad lighting can make you look like a prison escapee. Don’t take a picture looking directly at light or you’ll squint. But don’t put the light directly behind you or you won’t be visible. Take some pictures and experiment. Of course, you can always add some photos later. As long as you already have something like an avatar, you can get your profile up and running asap.  

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