Which EMOJI Rocks the Top of the Year in 2019? 😍

Which EMOJI Rocks the Top of the Year in 2019?

5. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes 😊

As if just smiling with your mouth was not enough, people feel the need to smile with their eyes as well. This emoji is used on Snapchat to indicate someone you communicate with frequently, but not your most frequent.

4. Rolling on the Floor Laughing 🀣

The emoji form of ROFL, this truly shows how quickly internet speak can evolve, as 4 letters weren’t simple enough. The initial design actually had hands and feet in it, though only the face remains. It really captures the expression of any girl has when I ask her on a date.

3. Smiling Face with Heart Eyes 😍

This emoji denotes simply that you love what you see, which is great. I can use it to describe pizza, rather than just my lack of romantic relationships.

2. Red Heart ❀️

Oh good, more romantic emojis. Clearly, humans beings value love and romance immensely in their lives and use emojis to express those feelings. This is used primarily to express romantic or familial love.

1. Face with Tears of Joy πŸ˜‚

The pure joy expressed by a face that not only laughs, but cries from laughing was Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2015 and is the world’s most common emoji of 2019. Perhaps this is something beautiful, that humankind’s most commonly used expression is a statement of happiness.

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