Which EMOJI Rocks the Top of the Year in 2019?

This world is full of beautiful emojis. In Unicode‘s standard set, there are a total of 3,178 to choose from. Which emojis rise to the top, and which fall to the side? Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular Emojis, in the world.

10. Thumbs Up 👍

It has many names, from “Like” to “Yes”, but this simple yet meaningful gesture, the thumbs-up, is always a great way to approve of someone’s idea or suggestion. It was the first feature in Unicode back in 2010.

9. Face Blowing a Kiss 😘

Who says romance is dead? This beautiful gesture of affection still rocks the top of the emoji lists. The first facial emoji of our top 10, it is still a constant reminder that other people are in romantic relationships but not me.

8. Loudly Crying Face 😭

This emoji perfectly describes how I felt after learning about #9, because I am still all alone in this world. This face is a great way to express feelings of sadness, and is intended for true sadness, not happy crying.

7. Two Hearts Emoji 💕

This emoji is formed by two hearts, usually pink, though sometimes yellow, traditionally one must always be bigger than the others. Obviously this can be used for romance but also close friendship, just another indicator that I am truly lonely.

6. Folded Hands 🙏

Coming in at number six is the most versatile emoji of this list. Formally known as “Folded Hands”, the exact meaning can change significantly. Originally intended to mean “thank you” in Japanese, it also can mean prayer, or sometimes even, a high five.

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Top 5 emojis of the year, here they are: Which EMOJI Rocks the Top of the Year in 2019? 😍

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