6 Online Flirting Tips You Can Totally Count On! Online Dating

The online world has changed the way people date. No more sweet talking, its sweet typing that person to try and woo them. Let’s look at some problems people have when flirting online. If you struggle to meet people online, these tips are for you.

1. Use Unique Emoji

Online dating has made so many people easier to meet, this means you face a lot more competition. Even if you do a good job flirting, someone else might be doing a great job. It is more important than ever before than you stand out from the crowd.

This is where emojis help, especially less common emoji. A custom emoji app, such as Zmoji, does a great job of helping ensure no other guy or girl has ever sent the apple of your eye what you can send him or her.

2. Don’t Be Too Serious

It is very difficult to understand a person’s tone over a text message. Using emoji in any way generally makes you seem more light-hearted and less serious, which is almost always the best way to flirt. Use emoji to indicate that you are joking, or being flirty, or whatever emotion your message wants to convey. 

3. Compliment the Person

Direct compliments make some people feel awkward. But an emoji won’t. Sending a big pair of heart eyes in response to an idea is a great way of indirectly paying the person a compliment. 

4. Don’t use too Many Emoji

Excessive emoji use can cause people to perceive you as unintelligent, or that you are trying too hard. Generally, men should just use a couple emoji in a single message, maybe even just one.

If one smiley face does the trick, stop there. Studies have found that typically women use more emoji per message than men, and thus it is seen as acceptable for the be a little denser.

5. Be Careful with the L-Word

The word Love can be really awkward in early relationships, and make you come off as desperate or far too eager. Heart emojis make a good substitute for the L-word, they show essentially the same emotion without causing unnecessary drama. 

6. Don’t Be Too Explicit

Many people are interested in sex but want to keep it on the down low. Emoji are a great medium to be a little bit naughty without being too outright or forthcoming. A little subtlety goes a long way. Don’t sound like a pervert. Emoji must be interpreted by the reader, generally if they are feeling naughty, they’ll see your message that way. If they aren’t, they’ll adjust how they say it. It’s a good way to be suggestive without overcommitting.

Zmoji is a fun, creative and artistic app for you to bring your emojis to the next level. Stun your friends with personalized stickers, spark new conversations and show the world who you are!

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