How About Combining Emojis Together?

Are you feeling ?? Or is your work making you ?? Perhaps this post’s overzealous peppering of emojis is starting to make you a little ??

The rise of the internet gave birth to the method of communication we now recognize as emojis. Text-based representations of feelings, such as ? to express satisfaction, help to make email and instant messaging more personal, communicating graphically what people often struggle to convey with words alone.

Today, we’re going to have some whimsies to combine several existing emojis together and see what they will look like. Let’s start!

1. ? pensive + ? smiling-three-hearts =

This is really funny, can you imagine that you feel pensive and excited at the same time? Some people say it fells like “when I comment on someone’s post and they reply “. Hahahahah! What about you? Do you have these moments that feels like the emoji.

2. ? jack-o-lantern + ? crazy =

This looks like something out of a Pixar short film. But just need to be blue and we will have the Cookie Monster!

3. ? tears-of-joy + ? poo =

This feels like…. I don’t know… Shit’s funny emoji. How could a poo burst into tears?! Crazy stuff!

4. ?med-mask + ? thinking + ? thumbs-up =

This would be when you have coronavirus but they already found a cure!

5. ?extremely-angry + ? parting =

Angry face when having party?? It could be the moment hat you’re hosting a house party and want everyone to leave. Haha, so precisely!

6. ? angry + ?️ thermometer =

As to this, nobody wants to be sick, but if it’s a Saturday when you finally get sick, this emoji could perfectly describes your mood.

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