5 Tips To Have Interesting Conversations Via Text

We live in an age of instant communication. The advent of cellphones, the internet, social media etc., means we can cross space and time to chat with anyone we know. It’s just unfortunate that this instantaneous communication hasn’t made conversation any easier. 

 Real talk, did our ancestors sending telegrams feel the crushing-and uniquely awkward-defeat that comes from the object of your affection leaving you on read? Crushing because, and this is painful to admit, your conversation is just not interesting enough to bother with.  If you’re one of the unfortunate sufferers of BOT (Boring Over Text) disease, then we’ve got some suggestions to alleviate your symptoms. 

1. Open With Jokes 

Wether you’re flirting with a crush, or just having a convo with a bestie, it’s always a good idea to set a fun tone. Conversation is meant to be enjoyed, so have fun with it. Tell a stupid joke you heard, give them a pun that makes them roll their eyes and giggle. After all, you know what “fun” and “pun” together spell? I don’t know, but definitely not “boring.” They don’t share any letters.

2. Up Your Emoji Game

Zmoji - Your Personal Avatar Creator & Emoji Maker
Zmoji – Your Personal Avatar Creator & Emoji Maker

Ok, so maybe jokes are a bit tough, who knew. So distract from your lack of comedic talent with a good visual game. That’s right, engage with the language of the internet: the emoji. But the default emoji can be so boring. Spice up your conversation with new, fresh, emoji that your friends have never seen before. Maybe even spring for some personalized emoji. 

3. Personalized Gifs and Stickers

Zmoji - Your Personal Avatar Creator & Emoji Maker
Zmoji – Your Personal Avatar Creator & Emoji Maker

On the note of personalization, there’s really nothing more fun right now than sending little animated versions of you to your friends and family. They’re just cute, and it’s sort of exciting to see your digital self having so much fun. Plus, there’s the added effect that the people you’re talking with will remember the cool sticker they saw and think of: you. Because it is you. That’s a great way to get some free real estate in someone’s thoughts. 

4. Give Your Texts Personality

Try not to think of texting as writing; think of it as a conversation. Use emoji, stickers, gifs, memes etc. as a replacement for all of the things you can do face to face that you can’t do over text. Good emoji placement can communicate sarcasm, frustration, giggles, anything. Let your personality come through like it would face-to-face. 

5. Don’t Force the Conversation

We’ve saved the best for last. This is one of the best pieces of advice for anyone struggling socially: don’t force it. Do your best to make sure you’re being funny and personable, and then wait for them to respond. Wait. Conversation takes two, and you spamming messages does not make the other person want to join. 

So, in summary: make your texts, your emoji, and stickers, personal and, above all, be patient.

Zmoji is a fun, creative and artistic app for you to bring your emojis to the next level. Stun your friends with personalized stickers, spark new conversations and show the world who you are!

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