About Zmoji Pro

Create avatar by facial recognization: simply take a selfie and we will create an avatar just like you. Unlimited avatars: create as many avatars as you want for you and your friends. Extensive sticker collection. Over 5,000 options: let your creativity shine!

How to send Zmoji Stickers?

There are 2 ways to use Zmoji stickers in a conversation: Open Zmoji app -> Click the sticker you want to share -> Then, you can share the sticker with your friends Set up Zmoji Keyboard -> Then, you can quickly and easily share the sticker to anyone you want

Set Up Zmoji Keyboard

Why should I set up Zmoji Keyboard? By setting up Zmoji Keyboard, you can easily and quickly send your GIFs and emojis during a conversation. 2 ways to set up iPhone Zmoji Keyboard: 1. Click the icon on the top left corner and enter into Avatar Gallery; Click Settings -> Set Up Keyboard -> Set …

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Change My Avatar

Can I make more than one avatar? Of course you can. You can create at most 5 avatars for free. How to change avatar stickers if I have several avatars? Click the icon on the top left corner, enter into Avatar Gallery Tap the avatar you want to use Then, your stickers will use the …

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Create Zmoji Account

Create Zmoji Account Why should I create Zmoji account? After creating a Zmoji account, you can save your avatar to use it on different devices. Never have to worry about losing your favorite stickers on different phones. How to create Zmoji account? Click the icon on the top left corner, enter into Avatar Gallery Click …

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