? Let’s See If You Actually Know What These Emojis Mean

1. Emoji with Heart Eyes ???


The obvious interpretation is the person loves whatever they are looking at. This is true, but the Emoji is rarely used to mean romantic love.

The most common use for it appears to be love for a certain food, especially delicious but unhealthy food such as pizza. Most people will use other emojis, such as a kissing face, to show romantic love or affection.

2. Pile of Poo ???


This unusual emoji has a rather interesting history. Like many of the core emojis, it originated in Japan. In fact, it was only under advisement of a Japanese employee, who claimed that it was the “most useful” emoji, that Google included the emoji.

Its meaning can change a lot depending on the situation. It can literally mean poop, though it tends to be somewhat uncommon, as most people have the class not to tweet about their time in the toilet. Sometimes it shows disappointment, it can also be used to set up clever insults.

3. Fire Emoji ???


The word “hot” can mean a whole lot of different things, so it makes sense that the fire emoji can as well. It’s can express that the weather is hot, that food is spicy, that a person is attractive, that something is popular, or that a player is on a hot-streak.

It is also connected to the slang word “lit“, which despite its origins. Today just has the meaning of “good”, with necessarily having anything beyond that in meaning.

4. The Water Gun ???

Let's See If You Actually Know What These Emojis Mean

This emoji is formally a pistol, and uses the same code that previously showed far more realistic revolvers or other handguns.

Thus a person viewing older posts may see the friendly, colorful children’s toy when the original post intended to emote something very different. Older and smaller platforms may still show the realistic gun images used before.

5. Emoji with Sunglasses ???


A good looking face with sunglasses, it must mean “cool”, right? Not so fast.

While this emoji started with that meaning, and it certainly still is used that way. It is increasingly used sarcastically, especially by people used to seeing its meme version.

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